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We are a DJing, partymaking duo based in Geneva, Switzerland.
You call us and we deliver a party, steaming hot, at your doorstep.
We can go on all night.
Can you?

Hot Delivery is composed of Digitizer and Mr. Microwave. Since 2013, we've been delivering parties in Switzerland and France.


Digitizer is an electronic music DJ living in Geneva, Switzerland. He started his career in 2004 in northern Poland, where he deejayed for a number of prominent house clubs as well as for Red Bull, Sobieski and Malibu. Digitizer's music is firmly rooted in house, full of pumping basslines, grooving leads and highly energetic beats.
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Mr. Microwave

Mr. Microwave is a DJ and an electronic music lover. Born and raised in the Canary Islands (Spain), he comes with lots of experience at sensing parties and setting them up. With the 90's dance house spirit, he goes from deep and future house through more experimental tracks up to blowing your mind up. True story.

House - our 2021 sampler / Load set (55MB)

Tech, Tribal, Future house - our 2021 sampler / Load set (50MB)

Techno - our 2021 sampler / Load set (55MB)

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